The Na tive X ML D ata b ase System Project.

NaXDB was initially implemented by a Bachelor-Project in the Summer Term 2004 and Winter Term 2005. Coordinator and supervisor of the Project is Jens Hündling.


  • Jens Hündling, Jan Sievers and Mathias Weske: NaXDB – Realizing Pipelined XQuery Processing in a Native XML Database System. Accepted for the 2nd International Workshop on XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives (XIME-P 2005) June 16-17, 2005, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. (In cooperation with ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference 2005) (PDF)


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NaXDB Team

NaXDB Team Picture

Jürgen Primsch (SAP), Mathias Weske, Anja Bog, Lars Trieloff, Martin Probst, Kay Hammerl, Christian Braune, Jan Sievers, Johannes Scheerer, Jens Hündling and Markus Özgen (SAP) (missing: Daniel Kirmse (SAP))