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  • Statistics for openHPI course on Business Process Modeling & Analysis available
    In mid December, our first MOOC completed. We put a lot of effor into this course, and I think we can say it paid off. We had more than 9000 enrollments, more than 4000 active participants, and we could issue about 2800 graded certificates. Results of user survey are available. User evaluations and ratings of our course can also be found at

  • Mathias Weske gives 'Professors Perspective' at
    The chair of BPT was recently interviewed by, a web site featuring online courses. He talk about his current process modeling course, about massive online courses in general and also about their potential impact on higher education. The interview can be read at

Our Team

Members of BPT Research Group - April 2013

Marcin Hewelt, Rami Eid-Sabbagh, Andreas Meyer, Andreas Rogge-Solti, Katrin Heinrich, Matthias Kunze, Anne Baumgra, Oleh Khovalko, Ekaterina Bazhenova, Mathias Weske, Luise Pufahl (left to right) Nico Herzberg (not shown) Potsdam, April 2013.

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Prof. Dr. Mathias Weske Chair of Research Group +49(0)331-5509-191 Mathias..Weske (at)


Katrin Heinrich Secretary +49(0)331-5509-180 Katrin..Heinrich(at)

Research Assistants

Dr. Matthias Kunze Research Assistant, PhD Student +49(0)331-5509-160 matthias..kunze(at)
Andreas Meyer, M. Sc. Research Assistant, PhD Student at HPI Research School +49(0)331-5509-198 Andreas..Meyer(at)
Rami Eid-Sabbagh, M. Sc. Research Assistant, PhD Student +49(0)331-5509-212 rami..eidsabbagh(at)
Dipl. Inf. Andreas Rogge-Solti Research Assistant, PhD Student at SOAMED +49(0)331-5509-199 andreas..rogge-solti(at)
Nico Herzberg, Dipl.-Ing. (DH) Research Assistant, PhD Student +49(0)331-5509-192 nico..herzberg(at)
DSC_0955.JPG Luise Pufahl Research Assistant, PhD Student +49(0)331-5509-195 luise..pufahl(at)
Oleh Khovalko Research Assistant, PhD Student +49(0)331-5509-196 oleh..khovalko(at)
Marcin Hewelt Research Assistant, PhD Student at SOAMED +49(0)331-5509-194 marcin..hewelt(at)
Dr. Anne Baumgrass Postdoctoral researcher at HPI Research School +49(0)331-5509-260 anne..baumgrass(at)
Ekaterina (Katya) Bazhenova, M.Sc. Research Assistant, PhD Student +49(0)331-5509-193 Ekaterina..Bazhenova(at)
Thomas Baier Research Assistant, PhD Student +49(0)331-5509-273 thomas..baier(at)

Student Assistants

Robert Breske Student Assistant robert..breske(at)
Tsun Yin Wong Student Assistant TsunYin..Wong(at)
Benjamin Ulm Student Assistant Benjamin..Ulm(at)
Adrian Holfter Student Assistant Adrian..Holfter(at)
Lukas Durdel Student Assistant Lukas..Durdel(at)

Former Members

The former members of the Business Process Technology research group at Hasso Plattner Institute are shown on a separate web page.