Business Process Technology


Welcome to the web site of the business process technology research group! In our research we aim at addressing real-world BPM problems with formal approaches and engineering useful prototypes. Our research covers a broad range of topics in business process management including flexible processes choreographies, case management, robotic process automation, and process mining. Our application domains are mainly healthcare and logistics.

BPT Alumni in May 2023

BPT alumni and good colleagues prepared a big surprise to celebrate the 60th birthday of Mathias and the 22nd birthday of BPT@HPI in May 2023, thank you all! Dorina Bano, Robert Hirschfeld, Frank Puhlmann, Jan Mendling, Katrin Heinrich, Luise Pufahl, Gero Decker, Sankalita Mandal, Henrik Leopold, Jonas Cremerius, Kiarash Diba, Adriatik Nikaj, Daniela Weske, Mathias Weske, Matthias Weidlich, Alexander Lübbe, Matthias Kunze, Nico Peters, Andreas Solti, Tom Lichtenstein, Maximilian Völker, Maximilian König (from left to right)

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  • The annual QFAM conference Modellierung 2024 will be organized by Mathias Weske and his team from 12.-15.3.2024.
  • Guest lecture by Jan Mendling on "Taming the Complexity of Discovered Process Models" given on 30.01.23.
  • Guest lecture by Matthias Weidlich on "Sampling in Process Mining" given on 23.01.23.