Dr. Thomas Baier

Dr. Thomas Baier

Lana Labs
Kiefholzstr. 2
D-12435 Berlin, Germany

eMail: Thomas (dot) Baier(at) hpi (dot) de
eMail: Thomas (at) lana-labs (dot) com
Web: Lana Labs


Born in 1985 in Berlin, I received my Bachelor's degree in Information Systems in a company linked program at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, where I worked for different departments of the IBM in Germany and France, in 2008. In the end of 2010, after graduating from Humboldt University Berlin as a Master of Science in Information Systems, I started my research in the field of process mining in services as a PhD Student at Humboldt University while continuing my part-time job at an IBM subsidary where I worked as a process manager.

In June 2013 I left the IBM subsidary and switched from Humboldt University to the Hasso-Plattner-Institute in order to focus on research. After 2,5 years of intense research I finished my PhD thesis entitled "Matching events and activities - preprocessing event logs for process analysis". Based on the results of my research, I'm now working on a process analytics software at Lana Labs.


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