This page provides information for bachelor and master students at Hasso Plattner Institute that are interested in Business Process Technology.

Upcoming Courses

Here we will list our upcoming teaching offers, before they are published on the central HPI website.

Winter 2018

  • Modellierung 1, a basis bachelor lecture giving insights on the basic modeling concepts
  • Prozess-orientierte Informationssysteme (POIS), a lecture for bachelor students that gives basic knowledge in process modeling, especially the industry standard BPMN, and also decision modeling (DMN). In this lecture you also learn the basics of process model analysis and execution.

Current Courses

  • Business Event Management, a new lecture for bachelor students that integrates complex event processing and process mining.
  • Trends in BPM research, a new lecture for master students that presents state-of-the-art research in different areas of business process management (BPM).
  • Master Seminar "Processes meet Blockchain", a seminar about innovative topics of business process technology.

Master Thesis Topics

Archive of Courses