Scylla - An extensible BPMN process simulator


Business process simulation is an important means for quantitative analysis of a business process. With the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) being the state-of-the-art language for the graphical representation of business processes, a variety of process simulators exist which already support the simulation of BPMN process diagrams. However, they do not provide well-defined interfaces to integrate new concepts into the simulation environment. This work demonstrates an open and extensible BPMN process simulator with defined entry points for extensions based on a plug-in structure. The demo presents the architecture of the simulator and presents how it can be extended. It is aimed at researchers in the business process management field who want to evaluate new modeling artifacts by simulation.


The screencast demonstrates the functionality of the BPMN process simulator and how new plug-ins can be added to it.


The BPMN process simulator is open-source and java-based. Its source code can be found at Github. The simulator is based on the java-based discrete event simulator DESMO-J.

-- LuisePufahl - 20 Jun 2017