Dr. Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh

RamiEidSabbagh Lana Labs
Kiefholzstr. 2
D-12435 Berlin, Germany

Web:Lana Labs

Research Interest

While BPM in the private sector has gained maturity, BPM in the public sector is still in its infancy. The domain specific requirements pose interesting challenges to Business process managment. Hence, my research deals mainly with Business Process Management in the public sector. I am especially interested in topics on managing, structuring and analyzing business process collections. The research project National Process Library, funded by the Ministry of Interior and conducted in cooperation with Humboldt University zu Berlin, is an interesting use case on which our research results can be applied and tested in practice. Currently my research focuses on:
  • Requirements for an inter-organizational Process Library
  • Analysis of Process Collections
  • Process Architectures
  • Automatic Structuring Process Collections
  • BPM in the Public Sector


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