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  • Objective: The GET Service platform provides transportation planners with the means to plan transportation routes more efficiently and to respond quickly to unexpected events during transportation. In this project, BPT is responsible for event processing and its correlation to processes. Using the UNICORN platform, we are able to increase the transparency of transportations as well as improve the detection and visualisation of events' impacts (e.g., delays or disruption of transportation). In general, GET Service connects to existing transportation management systems, provides novel planning algorithms, and improves systems' and algorithms' performance by enabling sharing of selected information and events, advanced planning and advanced transportation management.
  • Timeframe: October 2012 to September 2015
  • Sponsor: EU's 7th Framework Programme
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  • Persons involved from BPT: Anne Baumgrass, Andreas Meyer, Marian Pufahl, Mathias Weske
  • Project partners: TU/e, PTV, Jan de Rijk, Portbase, Exus, WU Vienna, TransVer, IBM Zurich, HPI
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