Sharing BPMN diagrams

Process diagrams help to visualize the knowledge about business activities and their relationships. Processes diagrams provide the context for everybody's work, they show the hand-overs and how information flows.

It is essential to share knowledge about processes in order to come to a shared understanding of how different people have to work together. The Signavio-Oryx Academic Initiative now allows you to easily share diagrams through wikis and blogs. Just browse to "Share" and select "Share read access" in the platform.

Below you find an example from the University of Potsdam. More examples of embedding diagrams can be found here:

PhD Submission Process

Here is how the PhD submission process at the Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Potsdam works:

PhD Submission

The tasks highlighted in light orange are the most challenging ones.

Looking back at Gero's PhD here are the bottlenecks (dark orange):
  • Present thesis to reviewers: Depending on how busy your reviewers are it might take up to 2 months to get a time slot.
  • Organize defense: Again, the problem is to get all professors to one day. At least four professors out of the PhD committee must be present.