• FAiSE in Rome co-located with CAiSE'19
    Together with Dimka Karastoyanova (University of Groningen) and Stefan Schönig (University of Bayreuth), Luise Pufahl organizes the second workshop on Flexible Advanced Information Systems as a CAiSE 2019 workshop. It aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in the synergies of the IoT, innovative technologies, and advanced information systems to enable flexibility. Interested to submit a paper? More information can be found at


  • SMile Kick-off
    The two-days kick-off meeting of the new research project SMile (Smarte Last-Mile Logistik in urbanen und ländlichen Räumen) took place in Berlin earlier this month. With growing e-commerce, the goal of SMile is to develop new delivery options for parcels by integrating live track and trace information, crowed sourcing potentials, and flexible process management. The project is founded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energies.

  • BPT group offers Phd position in an Internet-of-things (IoT) research project
    In our new project SMile (Smarte Last-Mile Logistik in urbanen und ländlichen Räumen), we are looking for students who are finishing their Master studies and have a strong interest in BPM and in pursuing a doctoral degree. Please find more information here.


  • BPM 2018 Web site online
    The web site of the 16th International Conference on Business Process Management is online at Marco Montali, Ingo Weber, Jan vom Brocke, and Mathias Weske are responsible for the scientific program as PC Co-Chairs.

  • Mathias Weske appointed Chair of BPM Steering Committee
    At BPM 2017 in Barcelona, Mathias Weske was appointed the new Chair of the Steering Committee of the BPM conference series. He follows Wil van der Aalst, who held office from 2003 through 2017.
  • Doctoral Consortium at BPM 2017
    Doctoral students working in business process management will present their work to the jury of the BPM 2017 Doctoral Consortium, which will be held on Sunday, 10 September, 2017 in Barcelona. Details at

  • BPT Chair gives Keynote at BPM 2017
    Mathias Weske will give a keynote presentation at the 15th International Conference on Business Process Management in Barcelona to be held in September. He will talk about BPM: Reflections on a Broad Discipline. More information can be found at

  • Doctoral Consortium at BPM 2017 invites Submissions
    PhD students working in business process management are invited to submit their proposals for participation in a Doctoral Consortium, which will be held on Sunday, 10 September, 2017 in Barcelona. Details at


  • Textbook website launched
    We have launched a web site accompanying our new textbook on behavioural models. At you will find valuable material including all figures of the book in Powerpoint format.

  • New textbook on behavioural models
    Former BPT staff member Matthias Kunze and Mathias Weske have published a brand new textbook on behavioural models. It is designed and written for students in computer science, IT systems engineering, and related fields. More information can be found at
  • Best paper award for Luise Pufahl at BIS 2016
    We are happy to announce that Luise Pufahl and Mathias Weske received the best paper award for their paper “Batch Processing across multiple Business Processes based on Object Life Cycles” at the 19th International Conference on Business Information Systems,

  • IWPE 2016 (Rio de Janeiro Sept 19, 2016): Tentative Program
    Together with Manfred Reichert from Ulm University, Mathias Weske organizes the second International Workshop on Process Engineering as a BPM 2016 workshop. The list of accepted papers and the tentative workshop program are online at

  • Our MOOC on BPMN and DMN has completed
    Earlier this week, our MOOC has completed. We could welcome more than five thousand participants, and about 900 are rewarded a record of achievements. Most participants came from Germany, India, US, China, Canada, and the UK. The majority of participants are professionals in IT and business, aged between 30 and 50. Most participants are working in IT, finance, public administration, manufacturing, public health, and automotive. While BPMN is already used by many, survey results show that decisions are captured mostly as textual description. We hope that the DMN part of the course will lead to a more precise representation of decisions in the future. If you could not participate in the course this time, it is still available for self-study at

  • Decision Management Experts discuss Practical Aspects of DMN
    At more than a dozen decision management experts discuss practical aspects of DMN in different industries, Professor Weske being one of them. This is interesting reading not only for practitioners in decision management, but also for researchers in the area, since, potentially, novel research challenges can be derived from the statements of the experts.

  • Massive open online course on Business Process and Decision Modeling, starts April 11
    Mathias Weske and his teaching team consisting of Luise Pufahl, Kimon Batoulis and Julian Weise organizes a new massive open online course, called BPMN meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling. More information on the course including registration information can be found at The flyer can be found here.

  • IWPE 2016 in Rio de Janeiro on 19st of September 2016
    Together with Manfred Reichert from Ulm University, Mathias Weske organizes the second International Workshop on Process Engineering as a BPM 2016 workshop. It aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in the engineering aspects of process-oriented information systems, an area which did not receive enough attention by the scientific community so far. More information can be found at

  • Offene Stellen im Fachgebiet BPT
    Das Fachgebiet Business Process Technology sucht wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen mit einem Abschluss in Informatik-Studiengängen oder informatiknahen Studiengängen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite OffeneStellen.


  • GET Service Final Event on 1st of October 2015
    On October 1st a workshop is organized by GET Service at Rotterdam Harbor on information sharing in the logistics sector. Speakers from the logistics sector will outline the problems that they are facing with respect to information sharing, after which software tool vendors and academics will discuss solutions that exist and are being developed. Attendance is free, but registration is required at

  • IWPE 2015 in Innsbruck on 31st of August 2015
    Together with Stefanie Rinderle-Ma from Vienna University, Mathias Weske organizes the first International Workshop on Process Engineering as a BPM 2015 workshop. It aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in the engineering aspects of process-oriented information systems, an area which did not receive enough attention by the scientific community so far. More information can be found at

  • GET Service on YouTube
    The GET Service project, in which we are proud to participate, recently published a video explaining in just one minute how the combination of business processes, IT, and logistics can help to reduce CO2 emissions. The video can be found at

  • RW-BPMS Workshop, Stockholm, 8th of June, 2015
    The 1st Workshop on Real-world objects in Business process management systems (RW-BPMS 2015) took place in conjunction with CAiSE 2015 on the 8th of June 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. The contributions showed an increasing interest in the investigation of the impact of real-world facts on various aspects of BPM, ranging from modelling, to monitoring, and mining. The final program and more information can be found at and the proceedings at

  • BPT präsentierte GET Service auf dem Tag der Logistik am 16. April, 2015
    Dr. Anne Baumgraß hat am 16. April auf dem Tag der Logistik an der TU Berlin einen Vortrag mit dem Titel "Geschäftsprozessmanagement für Smarte Logistik - Wie Prozessmodelle und Ereignisverarbeitung helfen CO2 zu sparen" gehalten. Der Vortrag erläuterte die Ereignisverarbeitung in Logistikprozessen im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts GET Service mit dem Ziel Logistikabläufe effizienter zu gestalten und so auch den CO2-Ausstoß zu verringern. Das Programm und die Anmeldung sind verfügbar unter:


  • Dr. Andreas Rogge-Solti
    Recently, Andreas Rogge-Solti defended his dissertation thesis and was awarded the doctoral degree by the University of Potsdam. Congratulations! Andreas joined the research team of Jan Mendling at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien), where he works on the EU-project Sensor-Enabled Real-World Awareness for Management Information Systems.


  • Statistics for openHPI course on Business Process Modeling & Analysis available
    In mid December, our first MOOC completed. We put a lot of effor into this course, and I think we can say it paid off. We had more than 9000 enrollments, more than 4000 active participants, and we could issue about 2800 graded certificates. Results of user survey are available. User evaluations and ratings of our course can also be found at

  • Mathias Weske gives 'Professors Perspective' at
    The chair of BPT was recently interviewed by, a web site featuring online courses. He talk about his current process modeling course, about massive online courses in general and also about their potential impact on higher education. The interview can be read at

  • Dr. Matthias Kunze
    Matthias Kunze has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation last week, congratulations! His work is about querying and searching large process model repositories. We are happy that Matthias will stay in the BPT group for a while.

  • Dr. Matthias Weidlich joins Imperial College London
    Former BPT member and HPI graduate Matthias Weidlich has recently joined the Large-Scale Distributed Systems group at Imperial College London, Congratulations; best wishes by the BPT team for a good start in London!

  • MOOC Course on BPM by Mathias Weske open for registration
    A massive open online course on business process modeling and analysis hosted by the openHPI MOOC platform is open for registration. The course invites students from all over the world with different backgrounds and expertises, who are interested in a deep understanding of business process models as a common language for all stakeholders involved in business process management projects. More at

  • Whitepaper on the Integration of SAP NetWeaver BPM and Signavio Process Editor available
    With BPMN Version 2, not only the process notation and the meta-model have been standardized, but also an exchange format. In a collaboration project with colleagues from SAP and Signavio, members of the BPT group have evaluated the integration of SAP NetWeaver BPM and the Signavio Process editor. The results show that the gap between organizational level business process modeling and the technical implementation of business processes based on SAP NetWeaver can be narrowed by this integration. The report is available at

  • BPT involved in EU project GET Services
    The Business Process Technology research group is participating in the EU project GET Services, which started in October 2012. The goal of this project is to reduce carbon emission by monitoring, analyzing and improving logistics processes across Europe. Our primary task in the project is to get hold of events as they happen, aggregate and correlate them to the business processes. More information can be found at


  • Workshop on Process Model Collections @ BPM'2012 - Program Online
    Co-Chaired by Remco Dijkman, Hajo Reijers of TU Eindhoven and Mathias Weske, the 2nd International Workshop on Process Model Collections provides a forum to discuss all aspects of process model collections and repositories. This BPM-Workshop will be held on September 3rd, 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia. The workshop program can be found at

  • Dr. Sergey Smirnov
    On June 14, 2012, Sergey Smirnov defended his dissertation thesis and owned the doctoral degree. Congratulations! Sergey has already joined SAP Research, where he works on business processes in logistics.
  • Second Edition of BPM Book published
    After spending some effort in updating and extending the text starting late last year, the Second Edition of the textbook Business Process Management - Concepts, Languages, Architectures has recently been published. The book features major extensions, such as BPMN 2 orchestrations and choreographies and a complete rewrite of the methodologies chapter as well as many minor corrections and updates. I hope it will serve as standard textbook in business process management over the years to come.

  • Open Positions at BPT
    The Business Process Technology research group announces open positions for doctoral students. If you own a degree in computer science or related fields and if you like to work in a stimulating international research environment, you should investigate the details for PhD positions and PostDoc positions.

  • Business Process Management Academic Initiative as Research Platform
    The BPM Academic Initiative provides through Signavio GmbH a professional process modeling and analysis tool free of charge for teaching and research. Recently, research prototypes developed by the BPM community have been integrated in this platform, namely process abstraction and process soundness checks. Registration information can be found at

  • EMISA Workshop Map
    There is a map that shows the locations of all EMISA Workshops between 1979 and 2011.


  • DFG Grants Research Project to BPT and Partners
    DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has recently awarded a research project, in which the BPT group with partners from Technion, Haifa, Israel, and Al Quds University, Palestine, will work on data schema matching in the context of interacting business processes.

  • Dr. Matthias Weidlich joins Technion
    Former BPT member and HPI graduate Matthias Weidlich joins the research group of Professor Avi Gal at Technion, Israel, as research fellow. He has defended his doctoral thesis recently. Contratulations!

  • Recent BPT Papers at Top Conferences
    We are happy to announce that several papers co-authored by BPT members with colleagues from Germany, Australia, The Netherlands and Spain were accepted by some of the top conferences in the field, with acceptance rates around 15%. Congratulations!
    • ER 2011 (
      • Ahmed Ahwad and Matthias Kunze on Design by Selection
    • CAiSE 2011 (
      • Alexander Lübbe on Tangible Media in Process Modeling
      • Matthias Weidlich on Process Variability
      • Sergey Smirnov on Process Model Abstraction
      • Ahmed Awad on Data Views in Business Processes
      • Ahmed Awad and Matthias Weidlich on Business Process Template Synthesis
    • BPM 2011 (
      • Matthias Kunze and Matthias Weidlich on Behavioral Similarity
      • Matthias Weidlich on Event-based Monitoring of Business Processes

  • BPMN Anwendertag 2011
    Am 29. und 30. September treffen sich Professionals aus dem Prozessmanagement, um sich im Rahmen des BPMN 2011 Anwendertages über Erfahrungen mit dieser Prozessnotation auszutauschen. Das Programm mit namhaften Vortragenden, viel Raum für Gespräche und einem spannenden Abendprogramm finden Sie im Flyer sowie unter


  • ICSOC 2010 Best Paper Award goes to ... Sergey Smirnov and Matthias Weidlich
    The best paper award of the 8th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing, held in San Francisco in December 2010, goes to Sergey Smirnov and Matthias Weidlich together with their co-author Jan Mendling for their paper on business process model abstraction. As mentioned by ICSOC 2010 PC Co-Chair Paul Maglio of IBM, their paper received the best overall review grades of all 200+ submissions. After Artem's Best Paper Award at BPM, this is the second great appreciation of the research community this year for the research work done at BPT. Congratulations to the authors!
  • Dr. Ahmed Awad
    On November 18, 2010, Ahmed Awad defended his dissertation thesis and owned the doctoral degree. Congratulations! Ahmed will stay in the BPT group as a PostDoc in 2011 to continue and broaden his work on compliance management.
  • BPM Academic Initiative
    Researchers and Lecturer are invited to attend the demo session at BPM 2010 in Hoboken, NJ. We will introduce the BPM Academic Initiative (Wednesday, Sep 15, 3:15) and showcase a live demo (Thursday, Sep 16, 10:45).

  • BPMN 2010 Anwendertag
    Am 14. und 15. Oktober 2010 treffen sich Professionals, um sich im Rahmen des BPMN 2010 Anwendertages über Erfahrungen mit dieser Prozessnotation auszutauschen. Das Programm mit namhaften Vortragenden, die über konkrete Projekterfahrungen berichten, mit viel Möglichkeiten zum Gespräch und einem spannenden Abendprogramm finden Sie unter

  • BPMN 2010
    Professionals and academics interested in BPMN will gather in Potsdam for this year's BPMN 2010 event, which consists of a scientific workshop on Oct 13 and 14, and a Pracitioner's Day on Oct 14 and 15. Top speakers, lots of communication and networking opportunities and an exciting scientific program will be highlights of BPMN 2010. More information, including registration information, can be found at

  • Information Systems
    We are happy to announce another publication of the BPT group in a top journal. "Interaction-centric Modeling of Process Choreographies", co-authored by Gero Decker and Mathias Weske was accepted as full paper by Elsevier's journal Information Systems,

  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
    Our recent paper "Efficient Consistency Measurement based on Behavioural Profiles of Process Models", co-authored by Matthias Weidlich, Jan Mendling and Mathias Weske was accepted as a research paper in the top computer science journal IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering,

  • BPStruct - A Tool for Structuring BPMN models
    First version of BPStruct is available. BPStruct is a tool for transforming unstructured process models into structured ones for the purpose of improving readability and ease of analysis. The tool was developed in collaboration with the Software Engineering Research Group at University of Tartu, Estonia.

  • BPM Workshop for High-school Students
    photo of t.BPM in actionWe are organizing a workshop for high-school students that successfully passed the first round of the "Bundeswettbewerb für Informatik", titled From Low-Tech to High-Tech – Tools for Process Oriented System Design, on March 23 2010. This workshop will illustrate different instruments and methods used to elicit, design, and run a business process in reality.
    In a 1,5 hr session, we will develop a simple process with the students by the means of t.BPM – a set of tangible BPMN shapes that allow for collaborative process modeling, e.g. on a conference table, providing shared authorship and enabling immediate feedback. This process will then be captured with Oryx, our process modeling platform. We use the YAWL engine for process enactment, leveraging excellent work from one of our students, namely Armin Zamani-Farahani, to migrate BPMN diagrams to YAWL and execute them.

  • BPMN 2010 organized by BPT Group
    BPMN is gaining momentum as the de facto process modeling language, both for academic research and industrial applications. BPMN 2010 provides a forum for researchers (Academic Day, October 13, 14) and for practitioners (Anwendertag, October 14, 15). More information can be found at

  • Share BPMN models
    The Signavio-Oryx Academic Initiatiave now allows you to embed your own process models into blogs, wikis, etc. Read more about sharing BPMN diagrams.


  • Annual Report 2009 of BPT Research Group available
    The annual report of the Business Process Technology research group is available for download.

  • Oryx Workshop video online
    We provide a live video recording of a workshop that gives a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of the extensible, web-based modeling platform Oryx, which consists of a model editor and a repository to store and manage models. The presentation gives insight into the architecture of Oryx and explains how to design new modeling languages (via stencil sets) and develop new features (via plugins). The video can be seen at Tele-TASK and slides are available here (pdf).

  • Signavio Oryx Academic Initiative Launched
    The Signavio-Oryx Academic Initiative offers a professional SaaS software solution free of charge for academic teaching in business process management. The software supports BPMN 2.0, BPMN 1.2, EPC, Petri nets, Workflow nets and other notations and analysis functions. The initiative is run by the core team, consisting of Hasso Plattner Institut, University of Potsdam (Mathias Weske), Humboldt University Berlin (Jan Mendling), Queensland University of Technology (Michael Rosemann, Jan Recker), Stevens Institute of Technology (Michael zur Mühlen), University of Stuttgart (Frank Leymann), Technical University Eindhoven (Wil van der Aalst), and Signavio GmbH (Gero Decker), which hosts the software. The software is accompanied with lecture material offered to lecturers of Business Process Management provided by the core team. More information can be found at

  • BPT Group provides Community Platform for BPMN Modelers - now online (May 2009)
    Our students created a platform that impressively demonstrates how well Process Modeling and Web Communities can integrate. The platform combines wiki principles, e-learning and process modeling. It's a place for everybody interested in BPMN modeling to learn and share knowledge. You can do tutorials, discuss best practices in modeling and improve your modeling skills. The Beta-Trash.PublicTest just started. We invite everybody to join the BPMN Community.

  • Signavio - the BPT members' first startup (May 2009)
    Gero Decker and Prof. Weske are co-founders of Signavio GmbH, together with Nicolas Peters, Willi Tscheschner and Torben Schreiter. Signavio's main product, the Signavio Process Editor, extends Oryx with professional features. Customers can collaboratively design and simulate business processes using standard web browsers. Through a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, professional process management becomes applicable to small and medium sized companies for the first time. Read more on web-based business process management with Signavio and BPMN.

  • The Process - The new BPMN book (March 2009)
    So far, learning BPMN has been a task for process experts only. With the newly published book The Process - Business Process Modeling using BPMN everybody involved in process documentation and innovation can get an easy start. This BPMN book is a business novel that looks behind the scenes and reveals the process of process modeling.

  • BPT and IBM start research cooperation (February 2009)
    The Business Process Technology group together with the Business Integration Technologies group of the IBM Zurich Research Lab engaged into a research cooperation. The joint team will study structural aspects of process models and will develop improved algorithms for process parsing.


  • BPT launches Survey on Alignment of Process Models (February 2009)
    Process modelling in business and IT differs a lot, sure, we all know it. But how can we bridge this notorious business-IT-gap? In order to approach these questions, we set up this questionnaire (German version). It would be great if you could spend around 20 minutes on this survey. As a little reward you can take part in a raffle for three copies of The Process, a brandnew BPM novel.

  • informatiCup 2008 - Polish up my BPMN Model! (September 2008)
    This year's informatiCup, an annual programming contest for students, was announced by the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). One of the three challenging tasks is the design of a layouting algorithm for BPMN. The layouting should also be implemented for BPMN models in Oryx. Go ahead and save the world from ugly process models!

  • Oryx Technical Workshop - Register now! (November 2008)
    A lot of people use Oryx already. Quite a few also want to build there own prototypes on top of it. Oryx is open source and we encourage everybody to do so. The technical workshop gives you an easy start on Oryx development and a chance to establish a personal connection to the Oryx core developer group. You started already? Bring your project issues and discuss them in the workshop.

  • Oryx Flyer - Model and Share! (July 2008)
    In order to communicate the latest Oryx features and the importance of web-based collaboration platforms we have created the Oryx flyer. It's the elevators pitch to inform you about the Oryx project. So, get informed here (german version). Got interested? Go ahead and try Oryx yourself.

  • Oryx "1.1" released (July 2008)
    Many additional features were added to the newly released Oryx. As most important extensions BPMN 1.1 is now supported and syntax checking and step-through simulation are available. You can access Oryx here.
    Oryx will be presented at two major scientific conferences in the upcoming months, namely at BPM 2008 and ER 2008.

  • Document on using Oryx (July 2008)
    We have written a document that explains how to use Oryx. At this point, there is only a German version available.

  • BPMN 1.1 Poster available online (June 2008)
    We have developed a poster featuring all notational elements of the Business Process Modelling Notation, Version 1.1. An English version and a German version of the poster are available. You might also find our BPMN Corner web page useful; it provides a lot of information related to BPMN, including stencil downloads, and much more!

  • Oryx goes BPM (June 2008)
    The 6th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2008) is the top scientific event in business process management. This year the demo session will feature Oryx, concentrating on its role as a future platform for the BPM community.

  • Oryx goes ER (June 2008)
    The 27th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2008) is the top scientific event in conceptual modelling. This year the demo session will feature Oryx, the web based modelling framework developed by our research group. A preprit of the demo paper is available.

  • ASG Book Published (April 2008)
    The key results of the Adaptive Services Grid project, an IP in the Sixth Framework Programme of the EU, have been published in a book called Semantic Service Provisioning, edited by Dominik Kuropka, Peter Tröger, Steffen Staab, and Mathias Weske. More information can be obtained from the book web page at Springer.

  • Collaboration with inubit AG: BPMN 1.0 vs. BPMN 1.1 (April 2008)
    The BPT group and inubit AG, Berlin, have started collaborating on business process topics. As a first outcome of this collaboration, the differences between BPMN 1.0 and BPMN 1.1 were investigated and documented in this whitepaper.

  • Oryx Project Update (Mar 2008)
    A major refactoring effort of both the client and the backend systems of the Oryx web based process editor is keeping us busy. We expect the new version to be available to the public in April, including OpenID authentication, workspaces, groups, and a lot more. A brief project description in German is available in oryx.pdf.

  • BPMN Corner goes online (May 2008)
    The Business Process Modeling Notation will become the new standard in process modeling. Our research group offers BPMN Corner, web page that provides a lot of useful information related to BPMN, including stencil downloads, and much more!

  • Uni Stuttgart and BPT group team up on BPMN to BPEL transformation (Dec 2007)
    As part of a close partnership with Prof. Frank Leymann's group at the University of Stuttgart, Diploma theses are jointly supervised by Uni Stuttgart and the BPT group. Kerstin Pfitzner presented her work on transforming BPMN to BPEL4Chor, which was realized as extension to the Oryx editor developed at HPI. Read more.


  • Congratulations to successful HPI student team! (Nov 2007)
    The joint HPI / Uni Potsdam student team went second in the BITKOM competition "Best Process Architecture". The HPI Master students Alexander Großkopf and Oliver Böckmann and their two BWL colleagues deeply impressed the jury and other industry representatives with their innovative solutions for transforming a virtual company. Congratulations!

  • Nominees of Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Challenge 2007 selected (Oct 2007)
    The jury of the "Innovationspreis Berlin-Brandenburg 2007" has selected this year's nominees, which will be made public at a press conference on October 25, 2007. The ceremony will take place in Potsdam on Nov 30, 2007. More (but not much more) information can be found at

  • Business Process Management textbook available (Sept 2007)
    The textbook Business Process Management by Mathias Weske is available. More information including online references and exercises can be found at

  • Dr. Frank Puhlmann (Jul 2007)
    Frank Puhlmann defended his Ph.D. dissertation "On the Application of a Theory for Mobile Systems to Business Process Management". Reviewers are Wil van der Aalst (TU Eindoven), Uwe Nestmann (TU Berlin), and Mathias Weske.

  • IEEE Transactions article about interaction modeling (Jun 2007)
    An article entitled "Bridging Global and Local Models in Service-oriented Systems" was accepted for publication in a special issue on Enterprise Services Computing in the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. It is the product of joint work with SAP Research and the Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

  • BPT group to present at BPM conference (Jun 2007)
    A paper on interaction Petri nets was accepted at BPM 2007, the world's leading forum for Business Process Management research. The conference is going to take place in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Professor Weske appointed jury member of Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Challenge 2007 (Jun 2007)
    Mathias Weske is appointed Jury member of the "Innovationspreis Berlin-Brandenburg 2007", an innovation challenge jointly organized by the Federal States of Berlin and Brandenburg. More information can be found at

  • EMISA'2007 CFP Out (Jan 2007)
    The call for papers for this years EMISA workshop is available at EMISA'2007 will be co-organized by GI Special Interest Groups MOBIS and EMISA.


  • BPT joins NESSI initative (Dec 2006)
    The Business Process Technology Group joins the Networked European Software & Services Initiative (NESSI) in preparation for project proposals in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. BPT has joined the Business Process Management working group, led by Mariusz Momotko (Rodan Systems), Rainer Ruggaber (SAP) and Jakka Sairamesh (IBM).

  • Mathias Weske selected PC Co-Chair of CoopIS'2007 (Dec 2006)
    Mathias Weske will serve as PC Co-Chair (together with Frank Leymann, University of Stuttgart, and Paco Curbera, IBM) of the 15th International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS 2007)

  • PESOA: Successful Final Review (Dec 2006)
    The PESOA project coordinated by the BPT group at Hasso Plattner Institute had a successful final review meeting with the project officers. Congratulations to the project team at HPI and the partners!

  • Mathias Weske WISE'2007 Workshop Co-Chair (Nov 2006)
    Mathias Weske will serve together with Said Hacid (University of Lyon) as workshop chair of the 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE'2007), to be held in Nancy, France, in December 2007. WISE'2007 Workshop CFP

  • EMISA supports BPM'2007 (Nov 2006)
    EMISA, the Special Interest Special Interest Group on Development Methods for Information Systems and their Application in the German Computer Science Society (GI e.V.) supports The 5th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM'2007).

  • Mathias Weske elected chair of GI SIG EMISA (Oct 2006)
    At EMISA'2006, Mathias Weske was elected chair of the GI SIG EMISA. He will take over from Andreas Oberweis (who is a Vice President of GI) in January 2007.

  • Research Cooperation with Software AG (July 2006):
    Potsdam/Darmstadt. Software AG and the Hasso-Plattner-Institute for IT-Systems Engineering have announced their future scientific cooperation. As both partners stated, the purpose of this cooperation is to jointly work on innovative IT technologies. (press release, cooperation activities overview)

  • Dr. Hilmar Schuschel (Oct 2006)
    Hilmar Schuschel completed his dissertation and was granted the doctoral degree Dr. rer. nat. by the University of Potsdam. Congratulations to Hilmar!

  • New Book Publication (Sept 2006)
    Heidelberg: A new book on digital economic dynamics co-edited by economist Paul J.J.Welfens of University of Wuppertal and Mathias Weske is published at Springer; book announcement.

  • BIS'2007: Call for Papers out (Oct 2006)
    The call for papers for the 10th International Conference on Business Information Systems is published. Deadline for submission is Dec 20, 2006.

  • Alistair Barros gives presentation (Oct 2006)
    Dr. Alistair Barros of SAP Research in Brisbane, Australia, gives a presentation on Service Ecosystems at the BPT Colloquium on October 5, 2006.

  • Interviews with ASG Overall Project Manager Dominik Kuropka (June 2006):
    Brussels: The Information Society Technology department of the European Commission talks with Dominik Kuropka on current and future challenges in services computing and the role that ASG plays in these developments.
    1. Semantics poses challenge for Web services
    2. Putting services at the heart of tomorrow’s software
  • Mathias Weske invited to give a keynote (Aug 2006)
    Vienna. Mathias Weske is invited to give a keynote presentation at the workshop on Advances in Semantics for Web Services 2006 semantics4ws'06, associated with BPM'2006.

  • BPT research group invited to Business Process Management 2006 (June 2006)
    Vienna: The BPM research group is invited to present two full scientific papers and one short paper at the BPM'2006 conference, the main conference in business process management. In addition, we have a paper at a BPM'2006 workshop.

  • Mathias Weske appointed Area Coordinator in the Program Committee of ICSOC'2006 (Mar 2006)
    Chicago: The International Conference on Service Oriented Computing is the world leading conference series in service computing. Mathias Weske is appointed Area Coordinator for Service Modeling and is responsible for selecting scientific contributions to ICSOC'2006 in service modeling.

  • Bachelor Project in Coorperation with Schenker AG (Feb 2006)
    In coorperation with one of the world's leading logistic service providers, the Schenker AG, the BPT group will set up a Bachelor project during the upcoming semester. The goal of the project will be to develop a service-oriented logistic process integration strategy as well as a proof-of-concept implementation of a specific integration scenario. Read announcement (in German) ...

  • Head of BPT Group Program Committee Chair of EMISA'2006 (Jan 2006)
    Hamburg: Mathias Weske is appointed Chair of the Program Committee of the EMISA'2006: Methoden, Konzepte und Technologien für die Entwicklung von dienstebasierten Informationssystemen (EMISA Fachgruppentreffen 2006), 17.-18. Oktober 2006, Hamburg (Web:


  • Keynote on Semantics 2005 was held by a BPT member
    DominikKuropka held a keynote on "Concepts and Challenges in Service Composition" at the Semantics 2005.

  • Head of BPT Group Invited to SOA Panel
    Mathias Weske is invited to a panel discussion at ICSOC '05 conference in Amsterdam, December 2005. This panel is organized by Jesús Villasante, the head of the Software Technologies unit of the Information Society and Media Directorate General in the European Commission, Brussels. The title of the panel is Service Oriented Architectures: Are they realistic?

  • Papers accepted for ICSOC '05 workshops
    Several papers, presenting results from the ASG project and the PESOA project, have been accepted for ICSOC workshops:
    • Gero Decker: "Bridging the Gap between Business Processes and existing IT Functionality", First International Workshop on Design of Service-Oriented Applications (WDSOA 05) (Abstract)
    • Hagen Overdick, Frank Puhlmann, and Mathias Weske: "Towards a Formal Model for Agile Service Discovery and Integration", International Workshop in Dynamic Web Processes (DWP, 2005) (Abstract)
    • Guido Laures, Harald Meyer, and Martin Breest: "An Engineering Method for Semantic Service Applications", First International Workshop on Design of Service-Oriented Applications (WDSOA 05) (Abstract)

  • Book chapter on Workflow and Service Composition Languages
    A chapter on Workflow and Service Composition Languages written by Mathias Weske, Gottfried Vossen, and Frank Puhlmann has been published in the Second Edition of the Handbook on Architectures of Information Systems.

  • asg-m10-prototype-klein.jpg ASG announces Milestone 10 Prototype (2005-07-01)
    Based on a business scenario defined by industrial partners from the Adaptive Services Grid (ASG) project a new prototype has been announced. The prototype implementation which is centrally managed by HPI is a result of the collaboration of a large number of ASG partners working distributed all over the world.
    It implements a mobile phone application that communicates with a tourist services application to set up user requests that are than handed over to the ASG platform. The services invoked to reach the users goal run remotely on an ASG testbed server and are invoked by the ASG enactment engine (currently implemented using Rodan OfficeObjects workflow engine).

  • PESOA-paper accepted for BPM conference (2005-06-26)
    As a recent result of the PESOA project, Frank Puhlmann and Mathias Weske are invited to present a paper on Workflow and Pi-Calculus at the Third International Conference on Business Process Management in Nancy, France

  • Presentation on Dynamic Failure Recovery of Generated Workflows at BPM&PM (2005-06-26)
    A joint paper on Dynamic Failure Recovery of Generated Workflows with colleagues from ASG parter Rodan of Poland will be presented at the International Workshop on Business Process Monitoring & Performance Management; Proceedings will be published in IEEE Computer Society Press

  • NaXDB at 2nd workshop on XQuery Implementation, ACM Sigmod (2005-05-20)
    Jens Hündling, Jan Sievers and Mathias Weske invited to present NaXDB on a world-class meeting of XML database experts: Second International Workshop on XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives in cooperation with ACM Sigmod,, June 16-17, 2005, Baltimore, USA - NaXDB was developed in a bachelor project in 2004.
  • Business Process Technology Group at HPI is invited to become Affiliate Member of