Master Program at HPI

Master Program Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Mathias Weske
Chair of Business Process Technology at HPI

Contact Information

Postal address for all written communication concerning master studies at HPI:

Hasso Plattner Institute for Software Systems Engineering
at the University of Potsdam
Master Admission Commission
c/o Ilona Pamperin
P.O. Box 90 04 60
14440 Potsdam, Germany

Frau Pamperin is in charge of the program adminstration; she can be reached as follows:
Phone: +49-331-5509-401
Fax: +49-331-5509-322


This page offers information on the HPI master program. It is not a legal document, and no legal rights can be drawn from its contents. The "Studien- und Prüfungsbestimmungen für den Bachelor- und den Master-Studiengang IT-Systems Engineering an der Universität Potsdam in der Fassung vom 18. März 2010" is the relevant legal document. This document is available online. The admission procedure is defined by the "Zulassungsordnung für den Masterstudiengang IT Systems Engineering am Hasso Plattner Institut", which is available online

Why Enrol in HPI Master Program

  • Learn in small groups, supervised by HPI Professors
  • Excellent learning and teaching infrastructure, vivid campus life
  • Opportunity to spend some time abroad, e.g., in USA, Australia, Sweden, India, Spain, either using an internship at a software company or a student exchange program.
  • Get actively involved in research projects with industrial relevance
  • Each student is assigned a mentor, an HPI Professor or senior researcher guiding the student through his or her studies
  • Not only excellent technical education in IT Systems Engineering, but also education in soft skills is covered, such as, for instance, presentation techniques, project management, team building, and a lot more
  • The HPI master program covers a broad range of topics, divided in the core areas ("Basisthemengebiete") Software Engineering and Soft Skills and areas of specialization ("Vertiefungsgebiete")
    • Business Process & Enterprise Technologies
    • Human Computer Interaction & Graphics Technologies
    • Internet & Security Technology
    • Operating Systems & Information Systems Technology
    • Software Architecture & Modeling Technology

Application Information

  • Successful candidates hold a Bachelors degree (or higher degree, e.g. Diploma) in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or neighboring fields. The final mark of the degree must be good or better. Notice that this condition is a pre-requisite; however, it is not sufficient for admission.
  • Candidates have to apply for admission to the master program. The forms that detail the content of the application are available at
  • Candidates with a Bachelor's degree from HPI have to provide a form to apply for change of study programs (Anzeige der Fortsetzung des Studiums im Masterstudiengang), simplifying administrational overhead; the form is available in the office of Frau Pamperin. External applicants do not need to provide this form.
  • Applications can be in English or German. Please sign your application and send it in by surface mail. Electronic applications or applications by e-mail cannot be processed. Please send your application to
          University of Potsdam
          c/o UNI-ASSIST e.V.
          Helmholtzstr. 2-9
          10587 Berlin, Germany

  • Applicants from foreign countries are invited to visit the International Relations page of Potsdam University.
  • The Master Admission Commission decides on admission based on the application. In specific cases, candidates are invited for interviews; the Commission may decide that candidates have to take additional courses prior to admission.
  • Deadline for application for the Master program starting summer term January 15; Deadline for applications to the winter term is July 15.