BPMN Corner

> Teaching BPMN > The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) plays an important role for the BPT group. We have several years of teaching experience in BPMN -- we include it in our classes since BPMN's very beginnings in 2004. More information on our teaching activities related to BPMN are available at the Teaching BPMN web page.

> Training, Coaching, and Joint Projects > Based on our expertise in business process management, we offer training process modeling techniques as well as independent coaching and help in solving the hard problems related to business process management.

> Analyzing BPMN > Since we are interested in BPMN from a research perspective, we have developed different evaluations and white papers over the last years. A background in formal methods and involvement in industry projects at the same time helps us balance precision and relevance.

> Tooling for BPMN > We are have developed Oryx, an open source modeling environment for BPMN and other process modeling languages. This project has led to the web-based process modeling tool (BPMN tool) Signavio. We also provide BPMN stencil sets for common modeling tools.


BPMN Poster

The Business Process Technology group at HPI has developed a BPMN poster, featuring BPMN Version 2.0. Feel free to use it for your process modelling projects!

The german version of the poster can be ordered free of charge from Signavio.

Book Publication

The book The Process - Business Process Modeling Using BPMN is a novel that provides an easy start into BPMN. Learn BPMN with Tom Bauer and his mentor Anne White. Discover the questions behind process models and the process of process modeling using BPMN. More information about the BPMN-Book can be found at http://www.bpmn-book.com.

The book Business Process Management: Concepts, Languages, Architectures by Mathias Weske provides a solid basis for business process management. It covers conceptual and architectural aspect of business process management, but has its center of gravity in process languages: It explains Petri Nets, Workflow Nets, Event-Driven Process Chains (EPC), Yet Another Workflow Language (YAWL), and BPMN. More information about the BPM-Book can be found at http://www.bpm-book.com.

Standard Documents, Research Papers and Technical Reports


Oryx is a web-based BPMN editor. Check out the Oryx homepage to learn more. Signavio extends Oryx towards a full-featured Business Process Analysis suite. Check out the Signavio homepage or sign up for the trial version right away. On the BPMN tool web page you can directly start modeling BPMN without registration.

For users of other modeling tools we provide the following stencil sets: