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The Oryx Team

From Left to Right: Ole Eckermann, Kai Schlichting, Nicolas Peters, Willi Tscheschner, Jan-Felix Schwarz, Mathias Weske, Daniel Taschik, Matthias Weidlich, Sven Wagner-Boysen, Björn Wagner.

People Involved

Martin Czuchra, Nicolas Peters, Daniel Polak, and Willi Tscheschner developed the first version of Oryx as part of their Bachelor end-of-study project in 2006/07. The project was supervised by Hagen Overdick and Gero Decker.

Further contributors to later versions of Oryx are Ole Eckermann, Lutz Gericke, Matthias Kunze, Stefan Krumnow, Philipp Maschke, Falko Menge, Kerstin Pfitzner, Steffen Ryll.

The current core developer team members are Nicolas Peters, Kai Schlichting, Jan-Felix Schwarz, Daniel Taschik, Willi Tscheschner, Björn Wagner, Sven Wagner-Boysen.


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