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First Steps

New Features

Screencast #01:
Getting Started With Oryx

Screencast #02:
OpenID Login

Screencast #03:
Model Export and Sharing

Screencast #04:
XForms Editor

XPDL Support:
Export and import of BPMN 1.2 diagrams to XPDL 2.1

View Generator:
Generate certain views (Conversation View, Handovers, Information Access) from existing BPMN-process diagrams

UML 2.2 class diagrams:
Modeling data structures always plays a big role, and thus support for UML 2.2 class diagrams has been added to the Oryx Editor.

Toolbar 2.0:
The Toolbar 2.0 provides a common way to organize the many buttons, which are associated to each plugin of Oryx.

Sequence Flow Optimization:
The optimization includes new features to customize the sequence flow and the labels. It supports creating dockers without any buttons and the labels can be moved and rotated manually.

Colored Petri Nets:
A CPN is an extension of the Petri Net Concept and is used to investigate many formal aspects of BPMN

Executing BPMN models as YAWL processes out of Oryx