What is OpenID and how does it work?

OpenID is a free shared identity service, which allows you to sign in at different web sites using one user account. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and AOL are already using OpenID. Once you are registered, you can use your account with any OpenID provider out there. Check, maybe you already have one!

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Why are we using OpenID?

After all, it’s all about your convenience!

Getting started with OpenID

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Using Oryx and getopenid.com

You can use Oryx with various OpenID providers. For example, you can use http://getopenid.com. You can directly navigate to https://getopenid.com/action/signup/ to sign up for an id. The web site you will see looks as shown below.

Simply choose an id you like, enter your email address, type in a password and an id will be created for you.

If the id was created successfully you will see the web site above. You need to remember your OpenID. Attention: The OpenID will look like "getopenid.com/yourname". Do not forget to include the "getopenid.com" part of your id when using it.

With your OpenID you can now use Oryx. Simply copy it into the id-field at the top right corner of the web site. In order to make your life easier, there are three buttons left of the id-field that will appear if you come close with your mouse cursor. If you push the right-most button, a getopenid-template will be inserted into the field and you can type in yourname directly. This saves time.

Once you have hit the login-button, your browser will be redirected to the getopenid web site for logging in. You will be asked if you trust Oryx and allow Oryx to use your OpenID. Simply choose "always" so that you will not be asked again.

After having successfully logged on to Oryx, your OpenID will be displayed in the top right corner. Now you can create create new models, edit existing models and save them under your account. All models you create can only be seen by you. If you want to share them with other people, you can do so. To find out more about sharing models please check out our screencasts.