Understand Process Models

Before students start creating their own BPMN models, they should be able to read the diagrams properly and understand them. Thus, exercises in the current category offer models and a set of questions about what happens in the given models that you can use for your exercises.

The practices regard content of models only, structural or analytical questions, such as existence of deadlocks or soundness criteria are discussed in AnalyzeProcessModels.

Exercise 1: Sales Process

A given model describes quote creation (sales representative) and approval (sales executive) as well as automated order processing for a customer. Questions contain:

  1. Who approves the quote?
  2. How often can a quote be redone?
  3. Is the sales representative directly interacting with the customer?

Download the exercise: doc pdf

Exercise 2: Travel Booking

A given model describes necessary steps for travel booking where a traveler interacts with a travel agent. Questions contain:

  1. How often is task “Ack change” executed?
  2. How often is task “Reserve tickets” executed?
  3. Who decides whether a reservation or cancellation is chosen?
  4. What is the semantics of the event-based gateway contained in the lower pool?
  5. Is data flow reflected in this diagram?

Download the exercise: doc pdf

Exercise 3: Opening a Bank Account

A given model describes steps to open a bank account. Questions contain:

  1. Does “Verify Customer ID” always happen after “Record Customer Info”?
  2. Does “Schedule Status Review” happen in any case?
  3. How many tasks are executed at least / at most?
  4. How many tasks can happen between “Schedule Status Review” and “Open Account”?

Download the exercise: doc pdf