Usage Tutorial

  • A first manual for the usage of UNICORN can be found in the GET deliverable D6.3 'Prototypical Implementation of the Information Aggregation Engine'. This document aims at providing a manual for the interaction with as well as the usage, functions, and implementation of UNICORN, formerly called information aggregation engine. It includes a description of functional as well as non-functional aspects, e.g. its architecture, the technologies used, security, and extension capabilities. It may be downloaded from the GET Service website.

Event processing prototypes with UNICORN addressing a multitude of everyday challenges in logistics

GET Service Applications with UNICORN

  • The GET Service project, in which UNICORN is used for event processing, has published a video explaining in just one minute how the combination of business processes, IT, and logistics can help to reduce CO2 emissions. The video can be found at

  • A screencast showing the application of event processing for GET Service using a road-transportation example is provided at

  • A screencast showing the application of GET Service for an airfreight transportation example is provided at It shows how GET Service is able to optimise routes, execute process models, receive events from multiple sources, detect the occurrence of a freight-shift, the unexpected landing of an airplane at a different airport, e.g. for technical reasons or due to weather conditions, and react to such a freight shift.